CrossDrive Farm

         Vernon, CT

CH Apogee's Limited Edition CD, WRD, CGC












                                         10/11/91 - 4/28/03




















Growing up we always had Scotties.  When I had a chance to get a dog of my own I wanted a big dog.  I had seen a Newf win at Westminister and fell in love with the breed.  I spent a lot of time watching them at shows and eventually found Casey.  It was a big surprise to find out he was a great grandson of the Newf that made me fall in love with the breed.  A Newf as your first dog is definitely a handfull, but we all survived it.  I learned how to show in breed with Casey, we entered our first obedience competition and we competed together in water work.  We were working on his draft work when elbow dysplasia caught up with him and we had to stop.


Casey matured into a very mellow guy and fell in love with all of the Aussies.  For his entire life he was my puppy raiser.  He would play games with them, take naps with them, and teach them all about being a good Newf.  It never mattered to him that they were the wrong size and color.  I don't think I'll ever find another one like him.