CrossDrive Farm

         Vernon, CT

May 28 - Kes gets QQ #3 and Jinks finishes her OA and gets her first AXJ Q with a first!


May 26 - Jinks goes WB/BOB over a special for her first 2 points


May 21 - Jinks finishes her RS-O


April 28 - 30 2017 Kes and Morgan have a great weekend at CASC!  In 5 shows they picked up 4 Altered BOB and 1 Altered BOS!


April 22 2017 One day of AKC for the girls.  Jinks earns her OF and Kes gets her 2nd QQ with a 1st in JWW and a 2nd in standard!


April 9 - 10 2017 Kes goes Altered BOB at 4 out of 5 shows at HONYASC!


March 25 - 26 2017 Good weekend of AKC agilty for the girls.  A first in Excellent Fast for Kes to finish her Excellent FAST titles, and her first QQ towards her MACH with 2 first places!  Jinks took 3rd in Open Fast and earned an Open Standard Q and an Open JWW Q both with first places!


March 17 - 19 2017 Three Altered BOBs for Kes under Gemi Sasson-Brickson, Eric Brickson and Donna Pappas.


March 12 2017 Two more Altered BOBs for Kes under Laura Gibson and Larry Stein


February 25-26 2017 Jinks had a great AKC weekend.  She was 4 for 4, I was only 1 for 4 so we just picked up an Open Standard Q.


February 4-5 2017 Kes and Jinks had a great time at their first CPE trial.  Kes was 8 for 8 and Jinks had a 6 for 8 weekend all with placements!


January 21 2017 Kes picked up a Master's JWW Q and Jinks won Open Fast


January 14-15 2017 Kes earned all 3 of her Elite titles (Jumpers, Gamblers and Regular) her first weekend in Elite at ASCNE's ASCA agility trial.  Jinks also finished her Novice Regular and Gamblers titles.


January 7-8 2017 At the BARK USDAA trial Kes and Hana took 1st in PVP, Kes also picked up a P3 Standard Q.  Jinks, River and Zep took 2nd in Team and Jinks finished her Advanced Relay and Advanced Gamblers titles and got her first Advanced Standard Q.


December 3 2016 Kes and Morgan went to the HONYASC shows where Kes picked up her 3rd 3 point major and finished her Altered Championship!


November 25-27 2016 Good weekend at the Thanksgiving Cluster!  Jinks earned her NA with a smoking time of 35 seconds.  She also got her first OAJ leg at almost 6 yps, and an almost leg at over 6 yps.  She also picked up 2 Time 2 Beat Qs.  Kes earned her 2nd Excellent Fast Q with a 1st place and picked up 2 Masters Standard Qs and a Time 2 Beat Q.


October 28-30 2016 Morgan and Kes went to NC for 6 ASCA shows.  Kes picked up 4 BOBs and 1 BOS


October 21-23 2016 Kes earns a P3 Gamble Q and a P3 Jumpers Q for her Perfomance Jumper Champion.  She also took 3rd with Gulaine & Chesney in PVP!  Jinks picked up a Team Q with Guylaine/Coach and Jen/Secret with a 4th place!


October 14-16 2016 Kes takes Altered WB/BOW/BOB two days in a row for 4 points.  She also finished her RS-O and her JS-O and picked up her first Elite Gamble!  Jinks won Open Black twice over the weekend and earned her JS-N and picked up two Novice Regular Qs.


October 1-2 2016 Jinks finished her Novice Fast title and Karen and Race got their first title together his Preferred Novice JWW


September 9-11 2016 Jinks got her last Starters Standard Q to finish her AD!


August 12-14 2016 Kes finally gets a PGP Q to finish her Performance Tournament Master Bronze title!  Jinks gets her Advanced Snooker title moves up to Masters and gets her first Super Q with a 3rd place!


July 8-10 2016 USDAA Northeast Regionals Kes was the superstar of the weekend!  She got the last gamble Q that she needed to finish her Performance Gamble Master (PGM) and her Performance Dog Champion (PDCH).  She also picked up a team Q with Vicky and Schatzi, a first and Super Q in P3 Snooker for her Performance Snooker Champion (PKCH) and a 1st and Q in P3 Standard.  Jinks finished her Starters Jumpers title.


June 25 - 26 2016 Jinks finishes her Starters Relay and Starters Gamblers titles and picks up 2 Advanced Snooker Qs.


June 12 2016 Kes picked up two 3 point altered majors going WB/BOW and WB/BOW/BOB at Colors of Summer.


June 3 - 5, 2016 Kes gets 2 Super Qs for her Performance Snooker Master and finishes her Performance Jumpers Master.  Jinks picks up 2 Starters Snooker Qs for her title, a Starters Gamble Q, Starters Pairs Q, and a Starters Jumpers Q.


May 28 - 30, 2016 Kes finished her AX at the AKC trials this weekend.


May 20 - 22, 2016 Jinks' first USDAA trial she picks up a Standard, Gambler, Pairs and Snooker Q, .  Kes finishes her Performance Standard Master, gets another Gamble and Jumpers Q towards her PDCH, and picks up an extra Relay and Snooker Q.


May 7 - 8, 2016 Kes finishes her AXJ and Jinks gets 2 Novice Jumpers Qs for her NAJ!  Her first agility title!


May 1, 2016 - Kes took a 1st in gamblers and snooker for her 1st Super Q!  She also picked up another relay Q with Deb and Taxi.  A good day of USDAA.


April 2, 2016 - Kes earns her Performance Master Agility Dog title


March 26 - 27, 2016 - Kes goes 5 for 6 at the AKC trial and picks up 1 AXJ leg, 2 AX and 2 T2B.  Jinks does her first ever agility trial and has a 4-6 weekend earning 2 NA legs, 1 NAJ and 1 T2B.


January 1 - 2, 2016 - Kes was beyond loving being only dog running at the USDAA trial this weekend. The dog that usually gets 1 or 2 Qs in a weekend went 7 for 9 including wins in P3 Standard, Gamblers and Pairs. Thanks Deborah and Taxi for Kes's 2nd pairs Q!


December 11 - 12, 2015 - Good weekend at BARK. Taking Kes out of the ring last weekend seems to have made an impression. Only had to take her off once this weekend and it was late on the 2nd day. Not a ton of Q's for her but some really nice runs. She should have had a PGP win but I lost her head and we got a refusal. She did manage 1st and Q in Biathalon, 1st in round 1 of Speed Jumping and 2nd in round 2. Her 1st P3 jumpers Q with a 3rd and her first pairs Q with a 2nd. Thanks Dianne and Rumor for the Q!  Caper picked up another PSJ Q and the all important Pairs Q.


December 5 - 6, 2015 - Caper's first weekend in AKC preferred. 2 QQ's and 71 points. Not a bad start.  Kes managed to only get walked off of 3 of the 4 courses.....


November 14 - 15, 2015 - Good weekend of ASCA Agility. Caper was not at his best but still picked up 3 Elite Gamble Qs and 2 Regular. Kes was the little Rockstar. After training her first two Novice Regular runs she came back to finish her Novice Jumpers, get her 1st Open Jumpers Q (with an even faster time than her Novice run), start and finish her Open Gamblers title and finally at the end of the day on Sunday get her Novice Regular title.


October 2015


ASCA Nationals - Caper takes 5th in Novice Obedience Finals, but Miss Jinks was the star of the week.  Morgan Hubbard did a fantastic job handling her at her first ASCA shows.  In the first pre-show they took 2nd in the 9-12 class, followed by a 3rd in Nationals Sweeps and a 6th in Nationals 9-12!


Cynosports - Caper and Kes both had a fantastic week.  Caper qualified in PGP Quarters and made it to Semis!  Baby dog Kes did the same in PSJ!  They both had good team runs unfortunately an E in Standard for Caper and Jumpers for Kes kept their teams out of Relay.  Kes did take 5th in PVP Gamblers.  So proud of the youngster for holding it together at her first nationals.


September 26, 2015 - Kes finishes her OAJ in 22 seconds!  She also earned her 2nd Open Fast leg both with 1st place.


August 9, 2015 - Kes got a PGP Q and her Performance Tournament Master!


July 12, 2015 - Good Regionals for Caper! 2nd in PVP with Dianne and Rumor, 4th and Q in Biathalon, 1st and Super Q in P3 Snooker, P3 Gamble Q, and 2nd and Q in P3 Standard. New Silver titles in Gamblers and Standard for the red dog!


July 11, 2015 - Caper and Rumor 2nd place PVP at Regionals!


July 5, 2015 - Awesome weekend for Caper! 3 days of AKC obedience with some great competition. Scores of 197, 195 and 198, 2 seconds and a first. Would have been 2 firsts, but Caper had to announce our entry into the ring on Friday. Had our first runoff for HIT, lost to a more seasoned dog so can't complain. New CD for Caper!


June 27, 2015 - Kes gets her 1st Performance Grand Prix Q with a first place! took first in standard and pairs. Thanks Seth Dunn and Striker for the Q.


May 31, 2015 - Caper was AWESOME this weekend. Qs in PSJ, PGP, Standard, Gamblers, Snooker Super Q, and a phenomenal Jumpers run. He took 1st over a really fast BC. Kes was Kes, got walked off two courses at the start line, but managed to pull off a PVP Q, thanks to Shari and Paisley. Appreciate all of Paisley's great runs this weekend.


May 25, 2015 - Caper QQ on Saturday. Kes had a lovely Novice Fast Q with a first for her title and finished the weekend with an Open standard Q, hitting all her contacts and holding her start line.


May 20, 2015 - Hot weekend of ASCA Agility. Caper picked up some Q's towards his ATCH2, and ran really well given the heat. Kes had 2 gamble Qs for her GS-N, had a gorgeous jumpers run at 6.42 yps, and finished the weekend, very last run, with a regular Q.


May 2, 2015 - Not the most Qs that we've ever had, but still a good day of agility especially for the first time outdoors in a really long time. Kes had her 1st full day of P3. She was 1 of 3 dogs in Performance to get the gamble. She also had a gorgeous Speed Jumping Q. Some nice work in standard but missed her weave entry, and a great GP run after we got past obstacle 2. Caper won standard and GP.


Kes does her 1st P3 gamble run and gets 1st and Q!


April 19, 2015 - Caper with his loot from the weekend. 2 first place in Novice B, 2 HIT Aussie, 1 HIT, and 1 New Title!


Caper finishing his ASCA CD with his third 198, HIT and HIT Aussie! Can't say he's not consistent


 April 5, 2015 -Fun weekend of USDAA at Riverside! Caper and Rumor took 2nd in PVP, Thanks Dianne! He also picked up 2 gambles, 2 standard, a snooker, a jumper and a pairs Q. Kes had some good runs in team, but no Q this time Thanks Vicki for running with us. She finished strong though getting the P2 standard, gamble, and pairs Qs she needed for her Advanced Performance Dog! Now she can run in the same classes with Caper.


March 29, 2015 - Caper picked up a Snooker super Q and a Jumpers Q and Kes did the same. That was her P2 jumpers title so she gets to move up.


February 14, 2015 - 2nd place in PVP for Kes and Dewey! Kes also got her 1st biathlon Q with a 3rd. Caper got a team Q with Rumor and got his last biathlon Q with a 2nd, so he's fully qualified for Natioanls!


February 8, 2015 - Caper goes to his 1st ASCA obedience trial and earns 2 legs, BOTH with HIT and HIT Aussie!


January 16, 2015 - Welcome Caper's daughter Jinks, to see her page CLICK HERE


December 28, 2014 - Good weekend at the USDAA trial. Caper 1st and Q in standard, gamblers, snooker, 3rd in jumpers and 2nd in biathlon! He was clean in both rounds. Kes got 2 P2 standard Q's this weekend, 1st and 2nd, and a 1st in P2 Jumpers and a screaming fast run in Speed Jumping!


December 14, 2014 - Went to visit Caper's newest babies!


December 6, 2014 - Kes gets her 1st Open JWW Q with a 1st place!


November 28, 2014 - Caper 1st with a bye in PGP, 1st in Speed Juming, 1st in Jumpers and 3rd in Snooker. Kes was 3rd in Speed Jumping for a Q!


November 23, 2014 - Fun 2 days at the Cluster. QQ for Caper on Saturday!


November 11, 2014 - Caper's 2nd litter is born!  4 boys and 1 girl.


November 9, 2014 - Good weekend of agility for the kids! Caper had an almost perfect weekend, just missing 1 gamble and finishing 3 big titles. Miss Kes got her second Speed Jumpming Q for Nationals and her first P2 Snooker Q!


November 8, 2014 - Caper Snooker Silver, Tournament Gold, and LAA Bronze!!


October 12, 2014 - Caper picked up another standard Q with first place, 2nd in PGP, and 3rd in PVP with Dianne and Rumor. Kes was a superstar! She earned her first 2 Tournament Q's in PSJ and a PVP Q (4th place) with Vicky and Schatzi!!


October 11, 2014 - PDCH-Bronze Caper!!! Caper finished his title with first place in standard!


October 5, 2014 - Kes finished her P1 Standard Title!


October 3, 2014 - Good day at Contact Agility trial. Caper had an awesome day, Q's in all of the team classes and First and Q in PVP pairs with Chris Frado and Bingo! (picture below)!


September 1, 2014 - Kestral finishes her NA and NAJ!


August 24, 2014 - Kestral finished the weekend with 3 new titles, her P1 Jumpers, P1 Gamblers and P1 Snooker. She was 3 for 4 today, all first places!


August 8-10, 2014 - Kestral makes her debut in USDAA! Both Caper and Kestral finished the weekend with 5 1sts and 4 2nds and 10Qs for Caper!!


July 5, 2014 - Kestral takes second in Novice Fast and first in Novice Standard.


July 4, 2014 - Kestral Q'd for her first Novice JWW leg, just under 20 seconds and 1st place. She also got a T2B Q!


May 30, 2014 - Kestral made her debut in USDAA Intro Jumpers, Intro Snooker and Intro Standard, she had a great time!


April 27, 2014 - A great weekend for Caper. He had an 8 for 12 weekend on stock, finished his WTCH and his SVCH on Saturday. On Sunday he took HIT Cattle and High Combined Non-WTCH!


February 23, 2014 -QQ for Caper on Saturday.


February 16, 2014 -QQ yesterday for Caper and his MX.


February 2, 2014 - Caper finishes his beginner novice obedience title with a 198.5. All three legs were first places!


February 1, 2014 - Caper gets his second beginner novice obedience leg with a perfect 200!!!


January 20, 2014 - Amazing weekend 4 days of AKC agility and Caper goes 6 for 8, 2 QQs and won the 20" standard class today.


January 5, 2014 - Good weekend at BARK's USDAA trial. Team Q for Caper with Chris Frado and Bingo. He also earned 3 Lifetime Achievement Qs from the Team classes and another Speed Jumping Q.


November 24, 2013 - Fun day at the cluster. Masters Fast Q for Caper with a 5th place.


November 17, 2013 - Fun day at Caper's 1st AHBA trial. Thanks Diane Menard for taking the day to judge. I put Caper in HTAD Level 3 sheep, ducks and geese and he came away with 3 Qs, a third on sheep and second on both ducks and geese with some very good competition. Beyond proud of the red dog. Took Jessica's Andi in on Level 1 sheep, she earned her 1st Q in level 1 sheep with a 2nd place.


November 9, 2013 - Great day at Surefire's USDAA trial. Caper was 5 for 7. First in PGP, Pairs, Snooker, and PSJ and a 2nd in Standard. Made some awesome weave pole entries today. He finished his Standard Champion and his Tournament Master Silver. All that and a bye in PGP.


November 2, 2013 - Caper made his debut in obedience. First place in beginner novice with a 197! Very proud of the red dog!


October 18, 2013 - Ten earned his ASCA started sheep title with a second place. Andi finished her herding started title.


October 13, 2013 -Very proud of Caper today. We did AKC and he took 4th in standard!


September 29, 2013 -Good weekend of AKC. Fast & T2B, Caper was great! Yesterday a QQ with two very nice runs. Standard probably goes as one of his best ever. Today, another jumpers Q.


August 31, 2013 -Excellent Fast title for Caper today with 80 points and a first place. Also another MXJ leg. Standard... lets just say he had fun. LOL! There were some really good points. He was fast, tight turns and a gorgeous a-frame.


August 18, 2013 - Good weekend of ASCA agility for Caper! 4 regular Q's, 3 gambles (we got all 4 but dropped a bar in the first one) for his GS-E-SP, and 2 jumper Q's. Seemed like it was a 2nd place weekend for us. Every Q but one gamble was a 2nd place and the one gamble was a first. He was fast and happy and had some nice contacts.


August 4, 2013 - Caper earned his first QQ in AKC!


July 20-21, 2013 -Fun weekend of agility. AKC on Saturday. Came home with another MXJ leg. Shifted over to the BARK USDAA trial today on Sunday and got Qs in jumpers, gamblers, and pairs and a snooker SuperQ.


July 13-14, 2013 - Great weekend at ASCNE's July herding trial! He finished the weekend 4 for 4 at ASCNE's July herding trial. 2 Advanced Sheep Q's, and an Open Cattle Q and an Advanced Cattle Q his first time in Advanced! This gives him his OTDc, ATDs and his VCH!


July 6, 2013 - Another good AKC day. Caper got his 1st MX leg and his 2nd Excellent Fast leg.


June 21-23, 2013 - 3 days of AKC agility and Caper finally finished his AX with a first! Also 3 for 3 in Master's JWW. Good weekend for the red dog!


June 15-16, 2013 - ASCNE's stock trial with Caper. Saturday 1st Open Cattle, 1st Advanced Duck, HIT Duck. Sunday 2nd Open Cattle, 2nd Advanced Sheep, Advanced Duck Q.


June 7, 2013 - AKC trial today, and wow what a day. Caper had a first. He Q'd in all three of his classes. 2nd fastest time in T2B, 1st in Excellent Standard and a Q in Masters JWW.


April 21, 2013 - Caper finishes with style! WD/BOW/BOB for a 4 point major! Thank you Sarah Crepeau for doing such a wonderful job with him.


April 1, 2013- Good weekend at the ASCA trial, Caper 2.5 regular Q's, 2 gamble Qs both with firsts and a jumpers Q with a first.


Feb 23, 2013- Long day but a pretty awesome day at the All Dogs USDAA trial. Caper was 4 for 6 with all 2nd places just a hair behind some really fast BCs. He had a smokin' PGP run finishing in 37.77 seconds and the other Qs were jumpers, pairs and standard.


Feb 17, 2013 - Caper WD/BOW for a 3 point major!!!! Thanks Sarah Crepeau for an awesome weekend. 4 singles to go!


Feb 16, 2013 - Caper takes WD BOW for two pts under Mrs. Murral Purkhiser.


January 26, 2013 - Good day at the Feel the Rush USDAA trial. Caper earned his Relay Champion with Diane Eagle and Zephyr and the boys took first. He also finished his Jumper Champion with a 2nd, took 3rd in PGP, and qualified in Snooker.


December 31, 2012 - Fun weekend at Contact Agility's USDAA trial, although very long days. A standard Q with a 1st and a jumpers Q for Caper in the regular classes and then a very nice 3rd place in PVP with Marcy Rauch & Echo! Thanks ladies for running with the big red dog. :-)


December 28, 2012 - Capers first puppies were born. Congrats to Jenn Marks and Jada!


November 25, 2012 -Caper 3 for 3 in P3 Standard this weekend to finish his Performance Dog Champion (PDCH)!!!!!!!!


September 2012 - Pretty good weekend at Riverside. Caper finally got that last standard leg to get out of Advanced. Also picked up his Gamble & Snooker Champions and a PGP qualifier for 2013.


August 2012 - Caper and Jace, 3rd place PVP! LEAP USDAA trial.


June 2012 - ATCH Caper!!!


June 2012 - Caper OFTDm, ATDd, OTDs, RTDs


March 2012 - Caper WD for a 4 point AKC major!


March 2012 - INDY LAA-SILVER!!!!!!


November 2011 - First AKC points for Caper! Jill did an awesome job of showing him today to WD and BOW for 2.


November 2011 - It's been an ASCA year. More agility Q's for Indy, last trial of the year for her. Caper - ASCA agility Q's including his Elite Jumpers title, and then he went WD/BOW/BOB over 7 specials for a 5 point major to finish his ASCA Championship!


October 2011 - Multiple Q's in ASCA for Caper, Novice Fast and Open Standard Q's in AKC, and P1 Standard title in USDAA. Indy PGH-Bronze in USDAA and her ASCA ATCH5!


September 2011 - Indy 4th place Veteran Agility Finals at ASCA Nationals! - multiple Q's as well at the pre-shows and Nationals Agility trials. She also finished her AKC Open Preferred Standard and Open Preferred JWW titles. Caper earned an Advanced Duck Q at nationals as well as his Open Jumpers titles with a 1st place, as well as additional Q's in regular and an Open Standard Q in AKC.


August 2011 - Caper earned his OTDd and STDs titles and picked up his first OTDs leg.


July 2011 - Caper - Elite Regular title in ASCA, P2 Relay and P2 Gamblers titles in USDAA and Novice Standard in AKC. Indy multiple Qs in USDAA, ASCA and AKC and finished her PSCH and PTM-Silver.


June 2011 - Caper earned his Novice Jumpers title in ASCA, P2 Jumpers title in USDAA and his second PVP Q with Gabby, Indy had multiple Qs in USDAA and ASCA and finished her PJCH-Bronze.


May 2011 - A quiet month, mostly working on the farm, but managed to get to 1 AKC trial. Novice Preferred titles for Indy and Novice Jumpers for Caper.


4/15 - 4/17/11 - A great weekend at the BARK USDAA trial!  Indy picked up 2 gamble Q's, 2 jumpers Q's, 2 snooker Q's, a pairs Q and a Performance Speed Jumping Q the first 2 days.  That finished her Performance Snooker Champion Bronze.  Caper finished his P1 Snooker title, and got another P2 Jumpers Q both with 1st place.  On Sunday both kids ran Performance Versatility Pairs.  This was Caper's first team event.  Indy and her partner Breezon took 2nd place! And Caper and Dusty took 9th!  Awesome job for the baby dogs!


3/26 - 3/27/11- Caper's first AKC agility trial!  1 Standard Q with a 1st, and 2 Jumpers with Weaves Q's both with first places.  Indy got to play in Novice Preferred, and had a 4 for 4 weekend, with 3 firsts and a second.


3/12 - 3/13/11- Feel The Rush did an great job with their March USDAA trial.  Not as many Q's but good runs for both Caper & Indy.  Indy with a Q in P3 Pairs & P3 Standard and for Caper in P2 Pairs and P2 Jumpers.


2/26 - 2/27/11- Another awesome ASCA trial for Indy going 9 for 10.  And another new title for Caper, finishing his Open Regular.


1/15 - 1/16/11 - A fun time at ASCNE's first agility trial of the year.  Indy 11 for 12.  She is on a roll!  And 3 new titles for Caper.  In one weekend he earned his Novice Regular, Open Gamblers and Elite Gamblers.


1/8/11 - One day at the BARK trial for Indy, and it was a good one!  5 for 5 today.  Perfect start to the new year, and a new Accomplished Relay Dog title!


11/20 - 11/21/10 - A good weekend at our last USDAA trial of the year.  Indy got that last standard Q for her APD!  Caper finished his P1 Relay and P1 Jumpers titles and Z Q'd and took 2nd in P3 jumpers 1 month shy of 12 years old.


11/6 - 11/7  Another great show by BVASC!  Indy and Caper went to their ASCA agility trial this weekend.  Caper earned another Regular Q with a 1st and a Gamblers Q also with a 1st for his first ASCA agility title (GS-N).   Indy had another fantastic weekend.  She was 7 for 10 with all 1st and 2nd places including 4 perfect Regular rounds to finish her ATCH4!


10/30 - 10/31/10 - Good weekend at Y agility's USDAA trial.  Nice to have a trial close to home.  Indy Q'd in standard, gamblers, pairs and jumpers.  Z have a good time in Snooker and took 2nd in jumpers.  Pretty good for the old man!


10/2 - 10/3/2010 Indy is still flying.  A 9 for 10 weekend at ASCNE's Harvest Moon show with 7 blues.  Caper made his debut in ASCA and earned a Novice Gamble leg and a Novice Regular leg with a 2nd and a 1st.


9/24 - 9/26/2010  Good weekend at BARK.  Indy started it off with another 1st in PVP with her partner Cady and Carol Fay-Ballou.  She had numerous Q's over the weekend with lots of placements and finished her Accomplished Jumpers Dog title.  Z showed that the old dog still has what it takes.  He also finished his Accomplished Jumpers Dog title and his Silver Accomplished Snooker Dog.  Caper didn't have a lot of Q's, but did a great job his first weekend running at 22", and finished with a phenomenal jumpers run at over 6 yps.


9/11 - 9/12/2010 Took the boys out to PENNY ASCA breed shows.  Caper was a little too excited all weekend and didn't show well.  On Saturday Race took RWD at the first show and a 2nd in his class at the afternoon show.  Sunday morning Race took WD, BOW and BOB for a 5 point major over top ranked specials!  That finished his Championship which was also the last title he needed for his Supreme Versatility Championship!


8/14 - 8/16/10 A weekend at the ASCA stockdog trials for Caper.  He did a very good job for being so high drive and so young.  He ran in 4 sheep, 4 duck and 4 cattle runs.  Ended the weekend with 1 started sheep leg, his Started Duck title and 1 Open Duck leg, and his Started Cattle title!  After playing with the cows he was a little too pushy for sheep.  Something to work on, but a great start to his stock career.


8/6 - 8/8/10  Amazing weeked at the HONYASC breed shows.  This one definitely goes down in the books.  Race and Caper took Winner's Dog at 4 of the 5 shows.  On Friday Race went WD/BOW for a 3 point major.  On Saturday it was all about Caper he took WD/BOW at the first show for a 5 point major and WD/BOS over specials for a 3 point major.  On Sunday Race finished up with WD/BOW for another 4 point major.  That leaves Race just needing 1 point and Caper needing 2 points for their ASCA Championships!


7/31 - 8/1/10  Incredible weekend at LEAP.  Z picked up another 1st and Super Q in P3 Snooker as well as 2 bumper pairs legs.  Caper was 4 for 6 with 2 firsts and 2 seconds, and Indy was just amazing.  She Q'd 8 out of 9 runs, earning her Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award, Bronze Accomplished Tournament Dog and Accomplished Snooker Dog with 2 Super Q's.


7/16 - 7/18/10  Three days at BARK's USDAA trial.  A 1st in Performance Speed Jumping and a 2nd in Performance Grand Prix for Indy as well as that last 22" standard Q to finish her Bronze ADCH!  She had an incredible weekend finishing Saturday and Sunday with a 100% Q rate.  Awesome July for the black dogs!  Caper didn't want to be left out.  He got his first agility title in P1 Gamblers, and took a 1st & Q in P1 Snooker and a 3rd and Q in P1 Jumpers.


7/9 - 7/10/10 Two days at Riverside's USDAA trial.  On the first day Indy and her BC friend Tulip with Jessica Scavetta competed in the Team Event.  They took 1st in Jess & Tulips first ever Team competition!  Z rounded out the weekend by finishing his APD thanks to a brilliant pairs run with Carol and Cady, and Caper got his 1st P1 Gamblers Q.  Indy had a good day Saturday as well with multiple Qs. (See photo below)


6/18 - 6/20/2010  Great time at BVASC.  Race had 3 Advanced Duck Q's, and took a major reserve on Sunday.  Caper took a major reserve on Friday night and made the entire trip by taking a 5 point major on Saturday morning for his first ASCA points!


6/12 - 6/13/2010 Good weekend at ASCNE's Colors of Summer show.  Indy was 11 for 11 in agility and Race had 2 awesome cattle runs and two good duck runs.


5/29 - 5/30/10 -  Off to the ASCA agility trials this weekend.  Race finished his RS-E, and Indy picked up 2 Elite Jumpers Qs, 3 Elite Gamblers Q's, and 3 Elite Regular Q's all with placements and a number of blues.  Caper made his debut in pre-novice.  He had a blast and finished each of his runs with a HUGE grin on his face.


5/2/10 - Race and Caper went to the ASCA breed shows today.  They were both a little silly in the first show.  Caper took a 2nd in his class and Race was the only Open Black.  In the 2nd show they remembered what they were doing and both boys won their classes with competiton, and Race went on to take Reserve Winners Dog.


5/1/10 - Indy, Race and Z went to the ACE USDAA trial.  It was exceptionally hot and not Z's day today.  Race got the last Q he needed for his Advanced Snooker title and Indy took a 3rd and Super Q in P3 Snooker, and won her Performance Grand Prix class!  Which gives her a bye in the first round at Nationals if we decide to go.


4/16 - 4/17/10  Took Z, Indy and Race to the BARK USDAA trial for two days!  What a great weekend.  Z got the last two Qs he needed to finish his Bronze Life Time Achievement Award!  He finished on his Snooker run, and not only did he Q, but he Super Q'd and won the class!  Not too shabby for an 11 1/2 year old man.  Indy had a phenomenal weekend.  She Q'd in 8 out of 10 runs picking up 2 Masters Standard Qs, 2 P3 Jumpers Qs which finished her P3 jumpers title, 2 P3 Gamblers Qs, a PSJ Q, and in getting her P3 Pairs Q she was able to help her Aussie friend Cady earn her APD.  Race picked up an Advanced Pairs Q for his Advanced Pairs title, and an Advanced Jumpers Q.  Only one more Advanced Standard Q for his AAD.


2/27 - 2/28/10  Great weekend at the ASCA trial.  Indy Q'd 7 out of 10 with all Q's a 1st place and was High in Trial Elite Veteran!  Race finished his Elite Gamblers title, got an Elite Jumpers leg and 15 points in Elite Regular.


1/30 - 1/31/10 Another good weekend of USDAA.  Indy Q'd in PSJ and P3 Snooker with a 1st and Super Q to earn her P3 Snooker title.  And Race got his first Steeplechase Q, and then Q'd in Advanced Pairs with a 2nd, Advanced Snooker with a 1st and Advanced Gamblers with a 1st.  He was one of only 3 dogs to get the gamble!


1/9 - 1/10/10 Indy had a great time at the ASCA agility trial.  It was her first trial running as a veteran.  She Q'd in 8 out of 10 runs, and took 1st place with all 8 Qs!  4 regular, 2 gamblers and 2 jumpers!


1/1 - 1/3/10  Spent 3 days at the BARK USDAA trial with Z, Indy and Race.  They had an awesome weekend.  Indy took a 4th n PVP, a 2nd in PSJ, and a 3rd in Performance National Standard.  She also picked up another P3 Gamble Q.  Race got a 4th place with his DAM team, and picked up two Advanced Standard legs with a 3rd and a 1st his first weekend in Advanced Standard.  He also earned an Advanced Snooker Q with a 1st and an Advanced Pairs Q with a 2nd.  Z finally got a P3 Pairs Q, leaving him just needing one more for his APD, and he earned a P3 Snooker Q.  He's now just 2 Qs away from his Bronze Life Time Achievement Award!


11/21 Caper and Race went to the Thanksgiving Cluster for 2 days.  It wasn't Race's weekend, but on Saturday Caper went RWD to a 4 point major from the 9-12 puppy class!


11/5 - 11/6  Took Caper and Race down to BVASC for the breed shows.  It wasn't Race's weekend, but Caper had a great time.  He won his class at all 3 shows, and got pulled for winners dog at all 3.  Never quite got the points (he was the youngest male dog at the show), but he did get Reserve Winners Dog at the Sunday show.  All he needs is a little more maturity.


10/31 - 11/1  Indy, Z and Race went to the Y agility USDAA show this weekend.  All 3 had a great time.  Race finished his AD with 2 first places in the Starters Standard Class.  He also earned an Advanced Gamble Q with a 3rd.  Z Q'd in P3 standard to earn his Accomplished Standard Dog title, and Q'd in P3 Jumpers and Snooker.  That brings him to within 4 Q's of his LAA Bronze title.  Indy was in fine form this weekend.  She took 3rd in Performance National Standard, 2nd in P3 Jumpers and won P3 Gamblers and Snooker.


10/23 -10/24/09  It was once again time for our annual Harvest Moon Mania ASCA show.  Race and Caper were showing in breed all weekend, and Race and Indy did agility.  Caper did well for his first time in the ring with mom taking a 4th and 2 seconds in the 9-12 month class.  On Saturday, Race went Winners Dog for his second ASCA major!  Race also picked up an Elite Jumpers Q with a 4th place this weekend.  The trial was cancelled on Saturday due to weather so there wasn't alot of agility.  On Sunday Indy won the Elite Gamblers and Elite Jumpers classes, and picked up the last Q she needed in Elite Regular to finish her ATCH-SP!  Still beating the younger dogs at 8 1/2 years old.


Also, Congrats to Jessica and Casey for finishing their Started Sheep title in the pouring rain Saturday, and making a good attempt at Open Sheep on Sunday.


9/11 - 9/12/09  Indy and Z went to Riverside's USDAA trial this weekend.  Z picked up a 1st and Super Q in snooker as well as a second snooker Q and a jumpers Q.  Indy earned a snooker Super Q, a Performance Speed Jumping Q, and two Jumpers Qs.


9/6/09 Jessica Scavetta and Casey who come over to work sheep earned their AKC PT today!  They qualified in two runs this weekend, with some very nice work on both their parts.  Congrats!


9/5/09  Indy and Z went to the Arff USDAA agility trial today.  Indy earned a Performance Speed Jumping Q, a P3 Pairs Q and a P3 Snooker Q.  Z had some weave pole issues early in the day, but came back for a 4th and Q in P3 Snooker and a 1st and Q in P3 Jumpers!  Not too bad for a boy who is almost 11.


8/1 - 8/2/09 Race and Z went to LEAPs second USDAA trial.  Not too bad of a weeknd for the boys.  Z earned two P3 snooker Qs, one of which was a Super Q with a 1st place to earn he Accomplished Snooker Dog Bronze Title.  Race did well in the games finishing his Starters Gamblers, Snooker, and Pairs titles all with either 1st or 2nd places.


7/18 - 7/19/09 Race went to the Collie Club AKC trials this weekend.  He Q'd in both standard runs with a second place in each to finish his OA.


7/10 - 7/11/09 Indy, Z and Race went to Riverside's USDAA trial this weekend.  On Friday they all competed in the DAM team.  Indy had a phenomenal day.  It was her first time running in P3, and she placed in every class and earned 4 Lifetime Achievement Q's.  Unfortunately her partner didn't have as good a weekend so she missed out on a team Q.  Z and Jenny showed that old dogs can still show the youngsters what for.  Their Performance Team not only qualified, but came in 5th.  Z also picked up 2 Lifetime Achievement Q's.  Race was on a championship team with his brother Rumor and their friend Tailor. The youngsters also managed a Q in team.  This was their very first time competing in a team tournament!  Indy also picked up a Masters Standard Q, and Race got a Starters Gamblers and Starters Snooker Q.


7/3 - 7/5/2009 On Friday and Sunday Z, Indy and Race went to BARK's USDAA trial.  Z picked up another P3 Super Q in Snooker, Indy picked up a Master's Gamblers Q and a Master's Jumpers Q to finish her Gamblers Champion Bronze and her Jumpers Champion Bronze.  Race had a phenomenal weekend.  He earned a Starters Standard Q with a 2nd place, a Starter's Pairs Q with a 1st place and 2 Starter's Jumpers Q's both with 1st places which finished his Starters Jumpers title.  His first USDAA title!


6/20/09 - Race went to the UKC breed shows today.  At the first show he took BOB and a Herding Group 3 to finish his UKC Championship!  In the second show of the day he earned another Herding Group 3!  Race finished his Championship in just 3 shows all with group placements.


6/19/09 - Race attended his first ASCA farm trial.  It was an interesting day and he earned a leg towards his Open Farm Dog title.


6/13 - 6/14/09 This weekend Race, Indy and Caper attended ASCNE's Colors of Summer show.  Race and Indy competed in agility and Caper played in the breed ring in the non-regular puppy classes.  Race earned his Elite Jumpers title and his Open Regular title and picked up 10 points towards his Elite Regular title.  Indy picked up another 10 regular points towards her ATCH-SP, only 30 more to go!  Caper had a great time with Jillayne and Morgan in the breed ring.  On Saturday won his 4-6 month class and took Best of Opposite Puppy and on Sunday he won his class again.


6/6 - 6/7/09 Z, Race and Indy went to Riverside's USDAA trial this weekend.  Z Q'd and placed in P3 Gamblers and P3 Jumpers to finish his P3 Jumpers titles, just two pairs legs for his APD!  Indy also Q'd in Masters Gamblers, Snooker and Jumpers taking a 2nd and Super Q in Snooker to finish her Snooker Champion Bronze title!  Race didn't want to be totally outdone as this was his first USDAA trial.  He earned a Starters Gamblers, Snooker, Pairs, Jumpers and Standard Q.  He took 3rd in Pairs and won all of the other classes he Q'd in.


5/23 - 5/24/09 - Race and Indy went to ASCNE's May ASCA agility trial.  Indy picked up another 15 points towards her ATCH-SP and Race earned his Open Gamblers and Open Jumpers titles.  Just missed his Open regular by 5 points.


5/16 - 5/17/09 This weekend Race went to the ASCNE Herding trial in New Hampshire.  He was the second dog in on Advanced Cattle and the cattle were not cooperative.  He did a fantastic job of getting the cows all the way around the course to finish his Advanced Cattle title and his Working Trial Champion!  Not bad for a boy who hasn't seen his 2nd birthday!  He even got a bumper leg on Sunday.


4/18/09 - Indy and Z went to an USDAA trial this weekend.  Indy Q'd in Steeplechase to finish her Tournament Master Bronze title!  She also Super Q'd in Snooker and Q'd in Gamblers.  Z Q'd in Standard, Snooker and Performance Speed Jumping bringing him to just 22 Q's from his Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award!


4/5/09 - Fly Away Field put on an AHBA HTAD sheep/duck trial.  This was our first try at AHBA.  Race did a great job, qualifying 3 out of 4 to earn his HTADIs.  One more leg to go for his duck title.


4/4/09 -  Race went to the ASCA sheep and duck trials put on by BVASC this weekend.  He started the weekend earning an ASCA Advanced Sheep leg to finish his ATDs!  At 21 months old that leaves him with needing 1 advanced cattle leg for his WTCH!


3/21 - 3/22/09  It was a pretty fantastic weekend at the AKC trial.  At 10 years old Z double Q'd to earn the points he needed to finish his MACH2 in spite of his mother getting lost on the jumpers course.  Once again Z saved the day!  He also managed a 3rd place in both classes.  Not bad for one of the oldest dogs in the 24" class!  An exciting day, but also a sad one as with this title Z will be retiring from AKC agility.  He's still jumping well at 24", but I want him to be around and sound for many years to come.  Race didn't want to be totally outdone by his big brother.  He came home with an Open Standard Q and an Open Jumpers Q both with 2nd places.


3/7/09 - Race went to an AKC agility trial this weekend. Race finished his NAJ!


2/14 - 2/15/09 - Race and Indy went to an ASCA agility trial this weekend.  Indy got down to needing 55 regular points for her ATCH-SP, and Race had a 9 for 10 weekend to earn his Novice agility titles in Regular, Gamblers and Jumpers!


1/31 - 2/1/09 -   I took Race and Z to an AKC agility trial this weekend.  Race finished his NA with a 3rd and a 1st and picked up another NAJ leg with a 1st.  Z pulled to within 11 points of his MACH2!


1/17/09 - Race went to his first AKC agility trial and earned a NA and a NAJ leg. He placed 2nd in both classes.


1/10/09 - Race went to his first UKC shows today.  At the first show he took BOB and a Group 4, and at the second he took BOB and a Group 2 to earn 70 points towards his UKC CH and 2 wins with competition.