CrossDrive Farm

         Vernon, CT

Poisett's Maybe Baby










                                      6/10/99 - 5/11/15


                                           Sire: Ch Gitalongs OOOZ N AHHZ

                                             Dam: Carolina's Peggy Sue OOH-OOH


                                                Bred By:  Christina Couture, Poinsett Aussies










She came for a visit and never left.  She new if she wanted to stay she needed to win Robin over, and she did.  She was going to be his agility dog, but when he never really got into it she didn't mind.  She only did it because he asked her to.  Her calling was taking care of her family.  If anyone was sick she was there.  When Heather lost her eye sight Sam would walk with her shoulder up against her to guide her.  She'd run to the tennis ball, point it out and wait to see if Heather was going to come pick it up.  When we went to Georgia Nationals I didn't worry about leaving Heather in the xpen with Sam on guard.  If anyone she didn't know came near she'd push Heather to the back of the xpen and put herself in between.  She was the sweetest, happiest dog on the planet, but you didn't mess with anyone she considered her responsibility.  She loved ball, walks, swimming and being with her family.  Friday she was chasing Kes and Jinks around the yard.  Last night something happened.  Whether she had a stroke or something else I don't know, and this morning she could no longer walk.  Sam I Am you have no idea how much you will be missed....