CrossDrive Farm

         Vernon, CT



Arboretum's Masked Bandit






                                         12/15/98 - 1/8/15


                                              Sire: Ch Terra Blue Just Too Hot

                                               Dam: Ch Accolade A Toute Vitesse


                                              Bred By:  Wendy Dreyer, Arboretum Aussies



                                     Additional Achievements:

                                     2003 & 2004 MVA HMM,

                                            2005 5th place MVA ASCA Nationals,

                                           2007 ASCA Agility Finals Veterans 1st Place







He was the one frequently overlooked.  He wasn’t flashy or exceptionally fast on most days, but he was always the one to get the job done.  Anything I ever asked he did.  He started out with a ton of promise, speed and drive and then when we were at a trial when he was 2 he came down with an exceptionally bad case of lyme.  Went to the vet and he was put on doxy which immediately helped and he seemed on the road to recovery.  Two weeks later he was rubbing at his eyes.  On a closer look his eyes had a white film over them.  Went to the vet who recommended an eye specialist.  He was diagnosed with corneal edemas.  He was MDR1 MM and it was a reaction to the doxy even though it’s supposed to be on the “safe” list.  He spent 6 months on oral prednisone along with prednisone eye drops and a saline cream for his eyes.  The experience took a lot out of him and he came very close to losing his eye sight.

He did recover but was never quite the same.  What was still there was the tremendous amount of heart he had.  If I wanted to do it he was going to do it.  He liked agility, but what he loved was playing with stock.  He would work stock all day if I’d let him.  He also loved to go swimming, and was a good obedience dog.


Z was my first agility champion (ADCH, MACH, ATCH-SP, NATCH), my first Working Trial Champion, my first High in Trial at an AKC all breed obedience trial.  At our first ASCA Nationals he took 5th place in MVA, at the Wisconsin Nationals he took 10th in the Veteran Agility Finals and he followed that up with a 1st place in the Veteran Agility Finals in New Jersey.  In 2003 he won MVA at Harvest Moon Mania and followed that up in 2004 with his second MVA win.  He never did anything in the breed ring, but he always scored 9 or 10 on his movement in the MVA evaluations.


He retired at 11 with over 100 titles.  The 22” jumps in USDAA were getting to be a bit much for him, and I wanted him to have a good retirement not one filled with pain because he had hurt himself.


On Thursday I noticed he was very unstable.  I put it down to the weather because we’d had that brutal cold and winds the night before.  He didn’t move around much during the day and when I checked on him late afternoon he couldn’t get up at all.  He picked up his head and I could see his eyes moving rapidly from side to side.  He had started another round of vestibular.  He would still eat, but was unable to move without falling down.  He already had issues with his rear and this wasn’t something he was going to recover from.  So we said goodbye.


Someone said to me once when we were talking about next puppies “well you wouldn’t want another one like Z.”  That’s probably one of the few times I’ve jumped down someone’s throat.  I’d take another Z without a second thought.


Indy take care of the big dog for me.